travisProject/ Proposal Title: Pulsed Microwave Plasma Instrumentation for Investigation of Plasma-Tuned Multiphase Combustion by TR Sippel (PI,ISU), JB Michael (co-PI, ISU)

Development of microwave instrumentation for the study of combustion interaction with energetic materials.

Award No: FA9550-15-1-0195

travisProject/Proposal Title: High-Speed Measurement of Decomposition and Inactivation of Energetic Crystals at High Heating Rates. TR Sippel(PI), JB Michael ISU.

Investigation of chemical warfare agent decomposition and inactivation mechanisms of deflagration and detonation thermal regimes using high speed electrically heated filament and CO2 laser heating techniques and microsecond diagnostics.

Award No: HDTRA1-16-1-0011