Energy Research Videos

Travis Sippel: Combustion emission of five solid propellant formulations without and with microwave field application

Travis Sippel: High magnification video of microwave combustion enhancement of a large (~600 μm) agglomerate near the burning surface of an Al/AP/NaNO3-3.5% propellant with microwave field modulation at 60 Hz

Travis Sippel: Mg/PTFE combustion with (right) and without (left) microwave illumination

About the research area

Multiphase flows are found throughout the energy sector. They are easily identified in boiling and condensation processes in steam cycle power plants. They are found in any combustion process where a fuel is sprayed into a combustion chamber. Coal combustion and biomass gasification are examples of gas-solid multiphase flows in the energy industry. The identification and production of oil and gas reserves also involve several aspects of multiphase flows.

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