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Conference Publications

Student Poster Competition 2023

  • “Holography of Fuel Spray Breakup on Hot Surfaces”
  • “Examining Primary Atomization of Blood Breakups using Fan Spray”
  • “In-Line Manipulation of Droplet Evaporation in Aerosol Jet Printing”
  • “Condensation-based Growth of Nanoparticles for Real-time Inertial-based Capture and Biothreat Sensing”
  • “Bubble Column Void Fraction and Bubble Size Distribution”
  • “Characterizing Sprays Using High-Speed Imaging and X-ray Analysis”
  • “Developing Digital Twins of Grain Harvesting Systems for Corn Biomass Particles”
  • “Development of a Microfluidic Device Enabling Characterization of the Hydrodynamic Transport in the Human Glymphatic System”
  • “Evaluation and Development of Multiphase Microfluidic Device Fabrication Methods​”
  • “Evolution of Nitrogen Vibrational Temperature in a Premixed Flame Excited by Microwave Pulse”
  • “Exploiting Hydrodynamic Oscillations of Oscillating Heat Pipes for Thermomagnetic Power Generation from Low-Grade Waste Heat”
  • “Hydrodynamic Effects for Optical Trapping”
  • “Microscopic Particle Image Velocimetry Analysis of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media”
  • “Nanoporus Alumina Biosensors for Real-time Detection of Biothreat-containing Liquid Flows”
  • “Optimization of Aptamer Immobilization on Membrane Surfaces for Detection of Biothreats in Liquid Flows”
  • “Particulate Cake Layer Formation in Microfluidic Filters”
  • “Quantitative Analysis of Flow Characteristics within Von Kármán Reactors through (CFD) and (PIV)”
  • “Smoke Particle and 16 EPA Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Characterization from the Combustion of Wood and Plastic Materials Using a Cone Calorimeter”