Industry and Funding Agencies

Industrial Membership Program

CoMFRE aims to develop long-term strategic relationships with companies as well as other organizations to leverage collaborative efforts related to multiphase flow research. CoMFRE’s Industrial Membership Program provides its members with access to a rich knowledge base and diverse expertise that will deliver fundamental insights into multiphase flows that are essential for sustained innovation in process design and performance. Collaboration for innovation serves all stakeholders by helping maintain a competitive advantage in multiphase technology.

Contributions to the CoMFRE’s Industrial Membership Program are used to support non-proprietary research activities of the center that accelerate knowledge transfer from fundamental multiphase flow science to industrial applications. All members are invited to attend the CoMFRE’s Annual Meeting where latest research advancements in multiphase flow pertaining to ongoing projects are presented. The Annual Meeting provides a forum for industrial affiliates to provide feedback on current projects and suggestions for future investigations that they may sponsor. Membership benefits and tiers are detailed in the list below.

Program Membership Benefits

  • Industry Advisory Board (IAB): Member representatives have exclusive rights to recommend multiphase flow problems of interest to industry and provide feedback on research developments.
  • Research: Early access to fundamental research in multiphase flow.
  • Networking: Members participate in scientific exchange with faculty, students, and other members at CoMFRE’s biannual meetings.
  • Low Indirect Costs: 80% of the membership fee funds research.
  • Internships: Members have access to a talented pool of potential interns. CoMFRE also welcomes industry scientists as visiting scholars.
  • Recruitment: Members have the inside track to hire CoMFRE students and researchers who are highly skilled in multiphase flow science and engineering.
  • Promotion: Branding opportunities exist for members to promote their organization within CoMFRE, Iowa State University, and the outside world. These include, but are not limited to, postdoctoral fellowships, seminars, and conferences.


To learn more about membership in CoMFRE, please contact:

Dr. Ted Heindel

Bergles Professor of Thermal Science
University Professor



  • $57,500 for companies with more than 500 employees
  • $28,750 for companies with 100-500 employees
  • $5,750 for companies with fewer than 100 employees
  • $1,150 for non-governmental non-profit entities
Membership Agreement Operating Procedures