Faculty Affiliation

Alberto Passalacqua 2019 CoMFRE Annual meeting
Alberto Passalacqua presents a summary of his research at the 2019 CoMFRE Annual Meeting


CoMFRE defines a multiphase flow as one involving more than one phase or constituent where there is a discrete phase (or multiple discrete phases) surrounded by a continuous phase. Faculty and Assistant Scientists with an interest in some aspect of multiphase flows and a desire to work in this area may choose to become affiliates of CoMFRE.


  • Pre- and post-award support for those projects submitted through the center.
  • Exposure to a network of companies who have interests in multiphase flows.
  • Exposure to a community of faculty and staff who all have an interest in multiphase flows.
  • Opportunities for your graduate students and post-docs to interact with others studying multiphase flows beyond your own group.
  • Opportunities for graduate students and postdocs to network with potential industry employers.


  • Participate in CoMFRE meetings and activities.
  • Respond to information requests from CoMFRE.
  • Assist with growing CoMFRE through research and educational activities, as well as help with identifying potential member companies.
  • Submit multiphase flow related proposals through CoMFRE (select CoMFRE as the lead unit on the dropdown list in the Goldsheet) when appropriate.
  • For multiphase flow related publications, include “Center for Multiphase Flow Research and Education”, in addition to your department and Iowa State University, for your identified affiliation.


Faculty and staff remain affiliated with CoMFRE as long as they have an interest in multiphase flow problems and the following are true:

  • They remain employed by Iowa State University.
  • They agree to the above expectations on an annual basis (i.e., they respond affirmatively to an annual e-mail from the Director of CoMFRE).


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