Capabilities and Research Inputs/Outputs

Unique CoMFRE Capabilities


  • Advanced goniometry
  • Biomaterials and Lab-on-a Chip
  • Boiling and solidification
  • Experimental rheometry and tribology
  • Fabrication and combustion of energetic/nanoenergetic materials
  • High-speed flow visualization
  • Icing Wind Tunnel
  • Laser-based diagnostics (FLEET, PLIF, PIV, pyrometry, spectroscopy, etc.)
  • Radiation transport diagnostics in algal photobioreactors
  • X-ray flow visualization and Computed Tomography Imaging (XCT)


  • Big data analysis
  • DNS, DEM, RANS, LES, Eulerian-Eulerian, Eulerian-Lagrangian capabilities
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • GPU-accelerated computer-aided design
  • Machine Learning
  • Particle-resolved Direct Numerical Simulation (PUReIBM)
  • Quadrature-based moment methods (OpenQBMM)
  • Uncertainty quantification


Publicly Funded Research

2021 2nd Quarter Publicly Funded Awards (PDF)
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Publications, 2nd Quarter, 2021 (PDF)
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