February 23, 2023; 9:00 am 2004 Black Engineering

Dr. Chris Tyler of Cargill “Validation of a Simple Breakup and Coalescence Model in an Eulerian-Lagrangian Framework and Applications of the Model in Industrial Systems”

October 20, 2022; 9:00AM 2004 Black Engineering

Dr. Malissa Lightfoot “Multiphase Flow of Interest to AFRL”

CoMFRE Teaming with IJMF to Offer V-Seminar Series

CoMFRE is teaming with the International Journal of Multiphase Flow (IJMF) to offer a virtual seminar series that will highlight leading multiphase flow researchers and recent IJMF authors. The goal is to promote communication among the multiphase flow community, which has suffered over the past year. The plan is to live cast the V-seminars with a Q&A session following the presentation. Since the speakers will come from all parts of the world, the presentation will also be recorded and be available for viewing on-demand if you cannot attend the live event. The first speaker with be Professor Andrea Prosperetti on April 20. Further details on the V-seminar series and how to register can be found at


October 4, 2022: Stephanie Zaleski,


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no in-person seminars will be held during Spring semester. We hope to offer seminars on the ISU campus during the Fall, 2021 semester. Potential speakers include those who were scheduled for Spring, 2020, and then postponed, as listed below.

Sept. 23: Minami Yoda, Georgia Institute of Technology (PDF)


Feb 19: Tim Colonius, California Institute of Technology (PDF)

Mar. 11: POSTPONED: Thomas Fu, U.S. Office of Naval Research (PDF)

Mar. 25: POSTPONED: Minami Yoda, Georgia Institute of Technology (PDF)

Apr. 8:   POSTPONED:  Ryan W. Houim, University of Florida (PDF)

Apr. 15: POSTPONED: Duan Zhong Zhang, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF)

Apr. 22: POSTPONED:  Hector Gomez, Purdue University (PDF)


Oct. 23: Junhui Yan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (PDF)

Oct. 16: Victor Calo, Curtin University, Perth, Australia (PDF)

Sept. 25: Kimberly Moss, Iowa State University (PDF)

Sept. 16: Upendra Natarajan, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (PDF)

April 10: David Green, University of Virginia (PDF)